Cars and other vehicles will forever be associated with the term “window tinting”, however windows and doors of homes and offices can benefit from tint film application just as much if not more than your vehicle. For years we have provided both home owners and businesses with the same quality tinting service for a variety of interior and exterior applications.

Office Window Tinting
Businesses with a large number of exterior windows and glass doors devote significant funds to cool the interior space during the warm months, especially from June through August when the heat is most intense. Applying tint film to these windows and doors will help reduce those large cooling costs and provide a more comfortable working space for the occupants. In areas requiring enhanced privacy, decorative films can be used to limit visibility for passersby or unauthorized personnel. Darker films are also available which are perfect for exterior application to increase privacy and provide a secluded environment.

Home Window Tinting
The same energy savings is true for homes as well. High quality tint films reject 65-70% of outside heat, resulting in a pleasant living area with noticeably lower cooling cost. Constant or prolonged exposure to sunlight and UV radiation is not only uncomfortable for you and your family, but also will result in fading and damage to your hardwood floors, counters and furniture. These tint films prevent nearly all UV rays from penetrating the glass, which provides a healthier atmosphere for you and spares your delicate surfaces. One major complaint that we hear often concerns glare on TV and computer screens. With home window tinting most of that glare can be eliminated, allowing you to more comfortably enjoy your favorite shows and web surfing, and for offices this reduced glare can result in increased productivity and a more relaxing work space.

Tint films for home and business applications can be installed on almost any glass surface, including sliding and revolving glass doors, exterior windows, skylights, shower and bath doors, and much more! Whether its privacy or reduced glare and heat rejection you are after (or all of the above), there is a solution to fit your needs. Contact your local window tinting specialists in Greensboro, NC.

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