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Increasing temperatures and heat require more and more air conditioners to be installed. Installing a 2 ton AC requires many considerations. It requires the right location for optimal cooling performance and energy efficiency. Also, one must make sure to get it checked timely to avoid any major faults and proper cooling. 2 ton AC of from a good and trusted brand can make you beat the heat and give you a soothing temperature indoors. 

Delve deep into the points below and know what factors one must consider before deciding to install the 2-tonn Ac. 

Factors to be considered before installing

The factors one must consider before installing a 2 ton AC: –

1. Centralised cooling 

Ensure that it is at the right spot. Make sure that it can cool the entire space without any hurdles. This will make sure the even distribution of constant temperature across the room and consistent airflow. 

2. Ceiling height 

Higher ceilings require higher cooling. Consider the height of the ceiling. If the altitude is high, you may require the use of fans to circulate the air. The fan will circulate the cool air and spread it evenly across the room to bring the temperature of the entire room down and consistent. 

 3. Adequate ventilation 

Make sure that there is sufficient space around the AC unit for proper ventilation. Proper ventilation allows the AC unit to function optimally and prevents potential issues. Also, make sure that the ventilation is not hindered by any other electronic gadget. 

4. Accessibility for maintenance 

AC must be accessible for service timely. Book your appointment with the technician and make sure that the technician can easily access it for a routine inspection or any major fault. Provide the space for the technician so that he can access it and check it without any disruptions.  

5. Shaded areas 

Install the AC unit in a shaded area and keep it away from direct sunlight. It prevents overheating of the unit and enhances its overall efficiency. It makes sure that the AC functions its best and provides optimal cooling each day. 

 LG Dual Cool 2ton split AC- The best 2 ton AC 

LG Dual Cool AC is the best and most trusted AC in the town. Have a look at the vital features of the AC and see for yourself why is it an optimal choice. 

Key features of LG Dual Cool AC

1. It has a dual inverter compressor that works in Harsh weather up to 65 degrees Celsius.

2. It has a 10-year warranty on the inverter compressor. 

3. It has a 60% faster cooling compared to conventional AC 

4. It saves 65% more energy compared to conventional AC. 

5. It is corrosion-resistant and has enhanced durability. 

6. It has a comfortable sleep mode with indirect airflow, a timer, and soft wind to give you sound sleep.

Where to buy it? 

There are multiple stores in UAE where you can find 2-ton AC. Some of them are- Sharaf DG, Carrefour, Jacky’s, and others. Check out our website to know all the stores and buy your top-notch quality split AC today.

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