Interior designers always come up with great ideas for home improvement. If you made a unique design for a deck that you think many people will like, you may as well sell that and make some money. There are many ways to sell a design idea for a home. All you have to do is find out which one is best for you from the tips below.

1. Offer it to an architect that you know

Unless you are a licensed architect, interior designer, or a builder in the business of building decks for homes, it would be difficult for you to make money off your design. You need to offer it to someone who professionally designs for homes. An architect would gladly take your design if they have a client who wants a deck incorporated into their home. Imagine how much time and energy an architect will save if they no longer have to design the deck because they bought your design from you.

2. Sell it online

If you don’t know any architect or are too shy to approach one, you may be able to sell your design online. You can make your own website if you don’t have any yet, or you can sell it on Craigslist. But remember not to show the whole design because someone might just copy it without your knowledge and it would be difficult to know if that happens. Offer to personally bring your blueprint or 3D rendering to the potential buyer’s location.

3. Partner with a renovation company

You can also partner with a renovation company to call you if they need a deck or patio design. This is a good idea because decks and patios are popular renovation projects so you will have no shortage of customers. Make sure to have more than one design so that the customers will have options. Always make 3D renders of your designs to show to potential clients.

Find a renovation company that is honest and won’t screw you over. Head down to their office and sell your work or offer them your services. There is no harm in trying.


Before letting anyone see your design, check your state’s law on copyright and see if your deck design can be protected. After all, your design is your intellectual property and a copyright is a layer of protection to protect your design from being used by others without your permission.

Selling your deck designs may be difficult, but if you have determination, you can find an architect or a renovation company that will pay for your work so you can make money.

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