A little innovation will help you think outside the box to embrace creativity in your home. Interior design can be as bold and unusual or as classic and traditional as you wish. Learn captivating secrets from the professionals to help you make your rooms shine with glamour and elegance.

Break Rules and Mix Styles

Rules are a necessary fact of life for many things, but interior design is not one of them. When decorating rooms in your home, it’s vital that they reflect you. Anyone walking through your house should be able to see and feel what you love. The colors, textures, and accessories you choose for your home should be an extension of you that need not conform to rules of style.

Use Greenery

Add green plants to your home to inhale a fresh breath of life into the decor. Lush plants add vibrancy in a variety of scales. A small potted plant on a sunny end table can be the perfect accent. On the other side of the room, try a large scale potted tree that reaches up to the ceiling. Plants add a soft touch when nothing else seems to fit in neglected corners.

Don’t Forget Ceilings

It is common to focus your attention on walls, floors, and furnishings as you decorate your home. Cast your eyes upward and consider the ceilings as you makeover your rooms. The color you choose will have a dramatic impact on the rest of the decor. For example, choosing a lighter color than the walls will make the ceiling feel higher. Choosing a darker color will create a cozy atmosphere. Consider a satin finish paint to create a reflective appearance, often beneficial with darker colors. Don’t overlook the brilliance of wallpaper on the ceiling, especially if you have flaws on the ceiling to hide.

Use Color

Add color to a room tastefully. Even if you opt for a more muted palette on the walls and ceiling, you can still add bold strokes of color to your decor. Add a bright throw and pillows in vivid patterns and colors. Pull the eye downward to the floor with a dramatic area rug. Try a splashy vase on the table filled with vibrant fresh flowers. When you tire of a color, it’s a simple tweak to replace these accessories with items of different hues.

Accessorizing Adds Personality

Show off your personal possessions as accessories in your home. Family and friends can take in the story of your life as they sit amongst mementos from adventures and achievements you have had. It is fine to mix and match personal possessions nestling new additions with special relics from your childhood. Let your rooms tell the story of you.

Have Fun

While many people take interior design seriously, give yourself permission to have fun with your decor. Be bold and try something new and daring. A funky couch might seem like a big step, but it might be the perfect addition to your home. If you decide you don’t like it, you can always make changes later. Paint is also a forgiving medium. You never know what you might love if you don’t try new ideas.

Make a bold statement with your home that shouts who you are and what you love.

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