When you decide to decorate your home, you always think of the things that you like best about it: your favorite furniture, your favorite color paints and so on. We want to add a bit of our personality into our home and express ourselves through decoration.

Our home is a mirror of our own self. But each of us is unique in his own way, but there is one thing which guides our way of viewing the world and that special something is the sun sign. There are twelve zodiac signs which help us the basic nature of each of us and it seems that this astrological map influences a lot our mood. The zodiac signs can be, moreover, divided into four elements of nature including fire, water, earth and sky.

It is important that the decoration of our home meets our personality in order to feel comfortable in our own room. For example, those that are born under the sign of Aries do not spend a lot of time home, and, therefore, they do not put so much emphasis on home decoration. The room style is kept simple, but the areas of color that are used by Aries are pretty bold. This applies for other zodiac signs which induce similar “personality traits”, such as Leo or Sagittarius.

The so called earth signs are more into considering their home a “nest”, where they feel good, but, more important than that, they feel comfortable. The Taurus or the Capricorn are very pragmatic and they also feel like their home should be quite functional, so that they have everything they need at hand. It’s their refugee where they can do whatever they like, whenever they feel like.

For airy zodiac signs, such as Gemini or Aquarius, the key word is freedom. This means that they do not want to feel constraint by the four walls of a room and they are constantly looking for change. They love variety so, do not look surprised if you see the Aquarius moving the furniture around so that they have the feeling they’ve cleaned up the house. They also need a lot of space and many windows because they are very curious about everything that happens outside.

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