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Nowadays, many realize that the use of sustainable energy is best for the environment. It can also benefit households and business establishments to save money on electricity. Solar energy is one of the most accessible clean energies worldwide. If you are interested in solar panel installation for your home or business, learn more about solar energy and how these panels work in this article. 

What is solar energy?

The sun is the source of solar energy. It is created by nuclear fusion, which causes massive energy to be emitted. This energy is referred to as EMR or electromagnetic radiation. The sun carries EMRs in the form of photons to earth.

How do solar panels generate electricity?

Solar panels are designed to capture the flow of electrons, which is electricity. Solar technology refers to this as the photovoltaic effect. In simpler terms, solar panels harness solar energy to be used as electricity. Solar panels have inverters that convert DC electricity from the solar energy to AC electricity that most appliances at home use. 

Can solar power run the whole house’s electricity?

Yes, solar power can power the entire house. This happens after the conversion to AC electricity because it is dispersed to all the outlets of the house. After a successful solar installation, the process begins and allows the entire home to run from the electricity that came from the panel rooftop.

However, it is necessary that the solar panels generate enough electricity for the volume of consumption that the household needs. These should then run efficiently, which depends on the right solar installation company, type of panel, and the placement of the solar panels. Another helpful tip is to install solar battery storage. This will address the intermittency that solar power naturally has. In short, it will ensure that you won’t have power issues when the sun is not shining bright or during nighttime when the light source is lower.

Solar Panel Installation

Because you are using an unlimited energy source from the sun, you should not worry about not benefiting from this option for a long time. Because it is sustainable or renewable energy, you are sure that you will save a lot from this clean source of electricity. You also contribute a lot to the environment. Moreover, you inspire others to consider this option and be more conscious of the use and abuse of our natural resources.

Many solar companies Orlando are present in Florida because of the conducive weather conditions that this has. You can find those companies within the area and compare the work that they do. Check if the solar panel installation that they provide is in accordance with the industry standards. Check their qualifications, certifications, and insurance coverage. Also, ask about their references to see if their customers are happy about the outcome of their work. To learn more about solar energy and solar panels, talk to solar panel installers, and do not hesitate to ask the questions that you may have for you to make an informed decision.

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