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Uratex is considered the industry leader in the Philippines in the mattress sector. They have dominated for over 50 years and are recognized as fundamental to the mattress sector. The groundbreaking equipment of Uratex has revolutionized the mattress business. For several years, Uratex has attempted to build a name.

Foam manufacturing was once time-intensive, but modern technology has improved operations further. Since its founding in 1968, they have outperformed its competition in many ways. They have developed owing to their unique combination of the latest technology and equipment. The well-known Uratex foam maker, Multiflex RNC Philippines, a member of the RGC Foam Group, completely changed foam production in the Philippines. 

The company revolves around technology and digitalization along with the sustainability. During its 54-year journey, Uratex has become a technologically sound and sustainable mattress producer. They have achieved this journey by creating technological advancements by developing various exciting systems. In 2019, the plan to develop further as the ordering system for the company was altered. 

The procedure of taking orders was changed from manual to web-assisted and automated using a system that was created in-house. These changes proved to be the result of the business’s ongoing efforts to improve internal procedures and persistent goal of providing the best, most accurate, efficient, and effective service to their clients.

The system was created internally and allows for consistent order processing, quick order-taking and production requests, limited paper usage, and rapid conversion of special orders to purchase orders. These actions proved to be an essential step in advancing to a journey of being completely sustainable. 

Uratex believes in creating environmentally friendly business solutions that help the company make a better and more environmentally friendly world. The business is aware of the connection between digital technology and sustainability. Possibilities for environmental sustainability have opened up due to the company’s digital transition.

The organization is wholly dedicated to developing business solutions that would assist in the environment’s restoration. Paperless transactions would eventually become the outcome of the processes involved in digitization. Although error-free orders will reduce resource and energy waste, real-time monitoring will enable the production sector to improve efficiency and conserve energy. Both sustainability and modern technology are linked directly, as sustainability among products can be achieved through advanced measures. 

Uratex has changed the game with its sustainable and technologically advanced products. The company aims to help customers to receive a good night’s sleep. They try to change the sleeping experience once and for all with their unique blend of mattresses. After coming up with viable solutions for mattresses, Uratex has raised its sales charts significantly. They have completely changed their business model and have reached significant success. 

The RGC/Uratex Group’s environmentally conscious business model offers convenient services and premium products to support the company’s mission to make meaningful moments in every Filipino household. The company’s working model has made its products suitable for users and has managed to stay ahead of the competition. Their valuable additions led the company to achieve its dearly desired growth.

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