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If you are planning on making your home look better and unique, then you might be looking for a home improvement service to offer you a feasible experience. But we all know since the eCommerce industry has boomed, many startups have popped up that are actually offering value to the customers. The products they offer are unique from the market, and that is why they are attracting more and more people. But do you know the home improvement stores in the US that are actually good and worthy to check out? If not, you can check out the list below!

The top best online home improvement startups in the US to consider!

Let’s dive into the actual details and see which home improvement startups you should go for!


Porch is a leading online platform where customers can explore different types of home improvement products for their needs. Porch was founded back in 2013, and it is based in Seattle, US. You cannot only buy home improvement products from them, but you can even opt for their home repairing services as per your preferences. Porch focuses on quite a lot of services to go with, so you can search for anything particular, and it might pop up in front of you. 

If you think Porch does not have what you want, you can simply look out for other online services that might be able to solve your problem. So just keep exploring, and you will eventually reach the point!


If you are specifically looking for something that would make your bathroom look luxurious, then Made is the startup you should be looking for. The service specializes in bathrooms, and they allow their customers to enhance their bathrooms just as they want. They have also showcased their recent projects on their website so that the customers can get an idea of what they can expect. As for its location, Made is based in California, US, but you can opt for their services pretty much all over the country.


Just like its name suggests, Havenly makes sure that your home looks heavenly and offers a look of luxuriousness. Havenly offers furniture, decorative items, pillows, covers and cases, rugs, lighting, and room material. You can explore their whole inventory right from their website and then choose the products that are suitable for your house.


Joist is not actually like a simple store, but it is a contractor that connects you to the right people in order to solve your problem. Joist was started back in 2011, and it focuses on home renovation services. Customers have to offer their requirements and based on them, Joist connects the customers with its vetted contractors to get the job done. You can visit their online platform and contact them if you have any questions, and they will surely solve your queries.


These are the few online home improvement startups in the US that you should consider for your needs. Just make sure that they have what you need as you will be able to save your time and money this way. 

By ev3v4hn