The best dinner is the one served with wine. Not only as a drink to accompany supper but also as a main course. Maybe it’s an indication for people to finally buy the wine chiller fridge. It is an invention that has been talked about almost everywhere nowadays.

One might wonder, why does food cooked with wine taste so delicious? Well, according to many studies, wine compounds, especially alcohol, enhance the flavour of cooked foods. The best wine to cook food in is no doubt the red wine. The internet is full of many different red wine recipes. Let’s have a look at some red wine recipes from the actual professionals!

Chocolate chicken and red wine

This recipe has been given by none other than Matt Preston, himself. He has given the traditional French coq au vin an Easter twist by taking inspiration from Italian and Spanish-style sauces in which red wine is occasionally sweetened with a little bitter chocolate. Even if you are not a fan of red wine, chicken, and chocolate individually, you are guaranteed to fall in love with this recipe once you’ve tasted it.

Plum cobbler with red wine

Plums, like red wine, are frequently used in different dishes by chefs. This luscious plum cobbler cooked in homemade mulled wine and topped with flaked almonds will keep you warm this winter. After all, who even likes winter evenings with no tasty dessert? If that dessert is made of red wine and plums, that’s like a match made in heaven.

Braise with pork sausage, green lentils, and red wine 

One food item that many people might consider boring is sausages. Despite being tasty and quite healthy, sausages are still not liked much because of their bland and flavourless representation. Sausage doesn’t have to be bland and grilled all of the time. You can add thyme-infused lentils and a creamy mash to kick them up a level. When it’s cooked in red wine it will be so flavourful that everyone will come running for it.

Stew with oxtail, chorizo, and red wine 

This soft braised pork is meant to be cooked gently in red wine and savoured with the company at your leisure. You will have to have some patience with this recipe but once it’s done you’ll understand that it was worth all the wait.

Red wine-glazed t-bone with mushrooms 

If you like mushrooms and you are a fan of red wine, you’d love this recipe. If you’ve had a hectic week, use this quick and scrumptious T-Bone meal to get your red-meat fix while keeping the flavour. 

Bone broth made with beef, kale, and potatoes 

Who doesn’t love soup, especially in winters? This recipe has all the ingredients required for a good comfort soup. It is not only nutritious, but it will also keep you warm during the winter months.


All these recipes are so tasty that even if you are not a fan of red wine, you’d like these. These are all recommended by expert chefs and you should at least try these once in your lifetime.

By ev3v4hn