POSEY CO., Ind. (WFIE) – The man we originally reported who was arrested for home improvement fraud is not only back in jail, but facing a criminal suit from another former client.

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Owner of Elite Construction Supply Company 45-year-old Matthew Gates is still in jail at the Vanderburgh County Jail.

Similar to other cases brought against him, Gates has been accused and filed against by the Muller’s in Posey County, who say that he was paid to replace their roof.

Instead, he left it open and ruined their entire house.

“We started renovating our house, and we hired Matt Gates to put a roof on,” said Jeremy Muller, “he came out, he ripped the roof off the house, and he just left it open.”

He left a tarp on the roof of the house, but as Clarissa Muller pointed out, it blew off within a week. They attempted to contact Gates, but he never returned to finish their roof.

Water seeped in through the hole in the roof, and water damage has now taken over what was once the Muller’s home. Clarissa says not only is there water damage, there’s mold all over the interior of the house as well.

“He’s ruined my life, our kids’ lives,” said Jeremy, “I mean this is ridiculous.”

Jeremy and Clarissa have had to chalk their house up to a total loss. More than anything though, they just want Gates to be stopped.

“I want him shut down for what he’s done,” said Jeremy, “he’s wrecked my family.”

The pair has filed a criminal suit. As of right now though, the police are still investigating and no charges have been formally filed on behalf of the Muller’s.

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