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Patios are the perfect canvas for the ideal outdoor entertaining space. Many of us cannot do much about the space that is available to us, but we can make the most of what our current home comes with. Regardless of size, your patio can become the go-to location for all your relaxation and party activities with the right decor.

For starters, your outdoor entertaining space should not be too far from what you already have going on inside of your home. The design of the patio itself, your outdoor heaters, and patio furniture sets should reflect the overall aesthetic of your indoor living space.

Here are some tips for creating the perfect patio.

Layout Your Space

Optimise your outdoor space by assigning a function for each area. Create one zone around your grill or fire pit while the other can be built around your pool or bathtub if you have one. If you have small children, you can assign a separate area for them and designate another space for more quiet conversations.

The wrong floor plan can hinder your ability to enjoy the space and make the most of it as well. Try to consider how people will move throughout your patio and the areas you create.

If your patio entrance is connected to your kitchen, put your outdoor food preparation area and grill nearby. If you enter the patio from your bedroom, the first thing you should see would be a relaxing area. For patios connected to the living room, place a conversation area near the door.

Create a Central Conversation Space

During parties and gatherings, you’ll often find a large group of people coming together but only three or four seats are available. Invest in large and comfortable conversation areas. If you have a fire pit or a fireplace, that would be the best place to place chairs or sofas around.

Shop around for outdoor patio furniture sets so you don’t have to worry too much about mixing and matching.

Light It Up

Lighting can have a major influence on the overall ambience of your outdoor space. Keeping your outdoor space bright makes it good for use at any time of the day.

If your patio gets a lot of sunlight during the day, consider investing in solar lamps that can keep your outdoor space well-lit throughout the night. It also helps you save on costs involved in getting electric work done.

Incorporate outdoor lamps the same way you would inside your home. Surround the area with warm lights for a cozy, inviting feel or bright multi-coloured ones for a livelier vibe. If you have beautiful outdoor plants or decor, spotlights will help people appreciate them even at night.

Make It Green

Placing plants in your patio is common practice. Choose a variety of plants with different colours, textures, and heights to break up the monotony and refresh your eyes. It makes a huge difference in the overall feel of your patio.

Keep It Warm

Outdoor heating is a must if you want to chill at your patio any time in the year. Warm up the colder autumn and winter nights with outdoor patio heaters, or invest in a fire pit. There is an assortment of designs, materials, and fuel sources to choose from depending on your needs.

Fire pits naturally draw people into conversations and would look amazing in photos.

Make Space for Food

A designated food preparation and grill area is an absolute must if you look forward to outdoor Sunday lunches or hosting big parties. Some homes have a whole kitchen built into their patio but even a simple grill can make all the difference.

For your dining or conversation area, consider building a galvanised tub you can fill with ice and drinks so your guests can reach in for a beverage without having to move much.

Make sure you have enough tables and chairs to accommodate guests for sit-down meals.

Accent Your Area

Add decorative pieces that let your personality flow and match the overall feel of your home. You can also add outdoor rugs, pottery, gates, sculptures, and landscaping using natural materials. If your budget allows, a koi pond is always a nice touch.

Build Your Own Patio

If you’re reading through this but you have not built your patio yet, get in touch with patio builders Melbourne. They have many years of experience to help you choose from a variety of design ideas.

Patio builders in Melbourne can help you transform that empty outdoor space in your home to your dream patio with the right tools and materials. With a wide selection of outdoor patio furniture, lighting, fire pits, outdoor heaters, decorative pieces, and much more, you are not that far from creating the entertaining space of your dreams.

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