11 Tips for When You're Moving to a New Office Space | Moving.comThere are many events and milestones in our lives and businesses that are worth celebrating. One such event you might want to celebrate is when you move into a new office. If you have decided to celebrate this milestone, it is normal that you would want everything to go perfectly well. Here are some tips to help you provide the perfect celebration part for your move in.

Do not host the party on the same day that you moved in
Many people would often want to get the party with as soon as possible and might be tempted to host it on the day they move in. However, this would not be a good idea as you might already have a long day, perhaps, with your employees and everybody are eager to get home and have some rest. Should you add a celebration party on such stress, no matter how exciting the party may sound or be, they would never get to truly appreciate it. Hence, you could make the celebration a week after moving in. By this time, everybody that has contributed physical and emotional energy to make the moving in success would have rested, refreshed, and had time to properly plan and implement the party. You would have also had time to ensure that all the office supplies have been properly arranged to minimize the risk of the office supplies getting missing or damaged.

Opt for a themed party
A themed office party will be a nice idea. Try to see how you can creatively convert the niche of your company into a theme for the party. This would help to remind everybody present that they are there to celebrate the moving into an office, while also letting them know the type of business you are involved in.

Serve snacks
To reduce how much stress that would go into serving guests and cleaning after guests, it might be advisable to serve snacks instead of a full meal. Fortunately, snacks are also mostly cheaper than normal meals.

Be professional about the event
Despite the event being a party, you should encourage a party that will be celebrated professionally. The way the party is celebrated could influence some prospective customers to appreciate the quality of the party such that they will want to patronize you with the hope that if you could host a professional party, then you would be able to deliver them a quality product or service.

Invite employees and prospective clients
If you already had your business running in a previous location, you will already have employees and clients. You are also likely to have prospective clients. You can invite such clients and prospective clients as well as your employees. If you were not operating before moving in, strive to get employees before the party. The employees will be able to help with planning and implementing the party.

Arrange a pep talk
A pep talk should be a part of the celebration, where you briefly extol the virtues of your organization and staff as well as inform your guests that you look forward to having a lasting business relationship with them that will be mutually beneficial.

Give a tour of the facility
You might also want to give a tour of the facility to those present at the party. It could easily help the new employees to know their way around within the first few days. Employees would know where the HR office and other offices are. This would also apply to the guest as there will know when they can work straight to when they want to patronize you.

Make the event fun
You should have other activities planned out that will make the event fun including games. You might even reward winners of games with discounts that they can redeem once your business opens officially in the new venue.

By ev3v4hn