Scandinavian Interior Design—6 Tips to Bring Scandi Style to Your Home

Scandinavian countries are fascinating because of their distinctive culture, strict adherence to national customs, the prevalence of ecological style, and interior use of natural materials. The interior design style of Norway is a popular member of the “Scandinavian group” of design choices. It captivates with its understated elegance, the juxtaposition of chilly tones, and the emphasis on wood and stone. Find out what Norwegians think about their designs on

  1. The living room feel

Any attractive living area brings all of the aspects of Scandinavian design together to create a welcoming and elegant atmosphere. The white walls and gray sectional sofa are the two most prominent features. The area rug serves as a backdrop, tying everything together. Around the room are a coffee table and numerous additional tables.

Inexpensive and straightforward accessories are available. A throw, pillows, plants, flowers, jars of twigs, and shelves of books are among them. The key to making the ideal Scandinavian living room is to plan your wall treatment. Choose white paint with a creamy tint to add visual depth. Use flat paint on the ceiling, matte or eggshell paint on the walls, and semi-gloss paint on the furniture. To get the Norwegian living room feel in your house, you should consider Byggmax an option

  1. Space organization

This is the first step in putting together a Norwegian interior. The tight distribution of the rooms’ functions is the most crucial link in the chain here. The proper shapes of space, spaciousness and essential furniture are only a few of a Norwegian home’s design characteristics. The Norwegian style “extracts” maximum space from a tiny room thanks to its light palette and superb range of colours.

  1. The Norwegian Style’s Color Principles

A blend of pale and cool tones – milky white, dull blue, yellow, ivory, and creamy – are used in the Norwegian living room design. Such hues are linked with snow, ice, and fjords in Norway.

The outstanding Norwegian style is full of subtle contrasts, floral embellishments, little and considerable cells in textiles design. It is distinguished by the white and blue colour harmony. Another link to Norway’s hard winter motives can be found here. White and red combinations are less common.

  1. Norwegian artworks

Artwork for the greatest Norwegian living room has a simple design focus, such as individual images. It keeps the colour scheme, sometimes using only black and white, and is often modern in appearance. Turquoise Triangles Wall Art is a fantastic piece of artwork. You may use the print to incorporate turquoise into the room’s colour scheme by duplicating it in the pillows and throw, and perhaps even finding a throw with a diamond pattern.

  1. Design of Norwegian Walls

On the inside of a Norwegian home, the polarity of light hues and dark-painted panel patterns in the wall décor is popular. The bathroom’s walls are not covered in traditional ceramic tiles but rather in natural, wide, light plank panels, which add a unique style to the space.

A large mirror with an elegant frame can be a must-have piece of decor. Every room of an apartment or house has such a feature, which emphasizes the Norwegian interior design style of the interior.   

  1. Designing Furniture

Simple furniture in typical light colours characterizes Norwegian rooms. Low and straightforward natural wood furniture; brilliant soft pillows; light fleecy carpet on the floor; arts and crafts stuff Another critical feature of a Norwegian home is the abundance of fireplaces and stoves.

Landscapes and images in narrow frames on the walls are fundamental elements of Norwegian style. Fresh, luxuriant vegetation, flowers on the floor, or flower pots on the walls will provide a cheerful accent to the Norwegian design. The lightness and airiness of translucent fabrics define pleasant to the touch materials in Norwegian living room design.

By ev3v4hn