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Selling, buying or renting homes is all about presentation. That’s why successful realtors use staging furniture, cleaning companies, and DIY help.

To attract shoppers, the first impression is all that realtors have to grab attention. Highlighting a home’s features requires a neat, clean, and ordered house. That’s why cleaning services can help realtors to showcase value to home shoppers.

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Types of House Cleaning Services

House cleaning services are not only hoovering and wiping down surfaces. They do, of course, tidy up rooms, but clean upholstery, pressure wash exterior walls, scrub tiling and grouting in bathrooms and flooring), remove mold, clean swimming pools, carpet cleaning, and also help with water damage cleaning and other such emergency cleaning tasks.

Why Realtors Hire Cleaning Services

Reason #1: First Impression

House cleaning companies are able to prepare a house for sale or viewing. Cleaning companies don’t just tidy up: they deep clean homes to make their features better stand out. It helps prospective buyers to better visualize the home and its features.

Reason #2: Photo Perfect

Photographers and videographers can make a house’s appearance more compelling with their content. A clean, neat and orderly home will look far more appealing than one that’s not been cleaned.

Reason #3: Deeper Cleaning

You might think that your DIY cleaning is adequate. In fact, you might even enjoy cleaning. A realtor will prefer a professional cleaning service provider because they are able to use commercial cleaning products for deeper cleaning. A team of cleaners will also save a lot more time, enabling realtors to shorten the time to make the house show-ready.

Reason #4: Post-Construction Cleaning

DIY and construction work may be required to make the home more saleable. That building work invariably takes place once the home sellers have moved out. Debris, dirt, dust, and other mess is left behind. A cleaning company cleans up this mess but also restores the entire home to its best condition.

Reason #5: Moving In

When a realtor’s clients move into their new home, a clean home that’s dust- and dirt-free is a fantastic gift for the new homeowners. Sometimes, moving companies might make a mess when they move out the previous tenants or homeowners, so a cleaning company guarantees cleanliness for the next residents.


Having the right cleaning services for realtors will make the difference between selling a home at a higher price or delaying the process. A clean home presents itself to buyers in an attractive way. Find the best cleaning service providers to make the right difference for your home selling and buying processes. Successful realtors know that a clean home will help them sell a home quickly – and that a clean home also makes for a great gift to new homeowners or tenants.

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