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Whether you have designed your own home or hired an interior designer, everyone loves a well put together home. If you are looking to shop around or purchase furniture, a few review posts talk about the best shops near me to visit. Companies such as Source of Goods deliver your purchased furniture straight to your door from the retailer. 

How the pandemic has impacted interior design 

Due to the heavy lockdown regulations, many individuals were homebound during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore the pandemic has changed how individuals view their homes. Firstly, due to many having to work from home, the need for a private room or space has become incredibly popular. Secondly, many individuals either set up an office space in their home or install one. Thirdly, many seek to transform either a spare room, basement, or attic into a multipurpose room, such as a gym. Fourthly, gardens are becoming more popular as many individuals spend a lot of time indoors. Therefore they want to create somewhere outside to relax, be calm, and switch off from work. Lastly, many individuals have embraced color, creating a colorful kitchen or a unique pattern.  

If you want to keep your home up to date with the latest trends, here are a few that might take your home to the next level. Making your home sustainable has been slowly growing in popularity as the world becomes more eco-conscious. Therefore, many find themselves purchasing second-hand items instead of chopping trees down for a brand new dining table or cupboards. In addition, flexible or multipurpose spaces are becoming trendy due to how much more you can do in one area. Lastly, warm tones are also becoming popular as colors can often manipulate your emotions or mood. 

How to become your interior design 

If you are looking at transforming your home and do not want to pay an interior designer to help you in that process, you can quickly become your own. First, define your end goal for the particular room or area that you are working on. Essentially how you would like it to look once finished. Secondly, create a mood board that depicts the color scheme you are going for, what type of furniture could go in that room, and so on. The third is the rule of three, which means that you need to choose three base colors that will then help everything in the room flow and fit together. Fourthly, add a statement piece; this can help tie in a room. Lastly, organize the space from the smallest to the most prominent details. 

How to affordable renovate your house.

When wanting to re-do your home, you do not have to renovate your entire house; a few small changes can have just the same impact as a renovation would. For example, start with your front door, either paint a new coat of paint on it or sand it. In addition, if you have old, stained floorboards, put a layer of coat over them. Moreover, add storage or shelving space. Finally, if you have any outdated couches or a lounge set, get it reupholstered; it could bring new life into that room.

With interior trends changing to incorporate multipurpose rooms, tendering to your garden, and becoming eco-conscious, there is plenty of room for you to update your own home. Better yet, you can become your interior designer and renovate your home yourself without having to spend a pretty penny. 


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