These days, influencers make one of the best marketing tools ever. That’s why multi-billion companies dare to pay a huge sum of money to influencers. As a non-influencer yourself, you may begin to ponder, why and how does an influencer become a powerful marketing tool in this modern world? Well, there are certainly reasons behind that.

Why is Influencer Marketing Effective?

Before revealing how influencers make the marketing budget becomes effectively used, let’s understand first what influencer marketing is. Cited from sources, influencer marketing is basically a part of social media marketing. This type of marketing will involve endorsements on influencers, organizations, or parties which are believed to have this level of social influence in the relevant field.

From the definition alone, you can get that this kind of marketing doesn’t always relate with social media influencers. It’s just these days that the number of social media influencers outperform other kinds of influence marketers to do the marketing job.

You know the main reason: the rise of social media. The intense use of social media our people have driven companies to ‘assign’ social media influencers to promote their brands. And so far, it’s playing effectively. Why? These reasons are mentioned to be the cause of the increase of this type of marketing.

  • It’s all about trust

When it comes to selling products online, trust is the main driver to purchase decision. That said, to make the products be loved by people, you need to make them trust the product offered. Getting an influencer is a quick way to let people know that the product is ‘trusted’, or ‘checked’ by a famous person—which is the influencer itself.

From the definition itself it can be derived that influencers will be able to influence people’s mind. Purchase decision is one of the things which can be influenced by these people. Why so? People with a huge number of followers are considered as ‘credible’. That alone is having a huge impact on how people see the brand promoted.

  • Easier accessibility

Social media comes as a free for all platforms, and no matter what you are using the platform for, the developer will give no eye except if you are violating the rules. That said, everyone can use this platform either to gather mass, or simply to share daily things.

In terms of social media influencers, they are hired by companies to promote the brands offered to them. While it can be a smart way to gain people’s trust towards the product, through these people companies will have a ‘golden bridge’ to reach their potential customers. Moreover, these potential customers are willingly subscribing themselves to the influencer that company is working with.

How does this impact the sales? You know the basic principle: companies grab influencers by money, influencers grab the customers by their influence. Powered with the trust that the potential customers share with the influencer, it becomes easier to generate sales through this way. And this doesn’t apply for huge influencers only—micro influencers are sometimes have a role in increasing the sales number albeit the number of followers they have.

So, those two reasons give the backgrounds on why influencer marketing is now ‘adored’ by companies. Besides it is a considerably effective method of marketing, it can also bring a better number of potential customers.


By ev3v4hn