When we are working on our own houses to prepare them for sale, we may not always be able to be objective. After all, we have lived in the house and made it work for us. When we evaluate it from the potential buyers’ perspective, we may not be able to get past how we lived in the house. After all, if it worked for us, won’t it work the same way for everyone else?

The answer is. Maybe not, And even if the buyers turn the dining room back into an office (just as you did), that isn’t the way you want them to see the house. You want potential buyers to see a dining room that can be used for entertaining, holiday get-togethers, fun times – even if that isn’t how it will eventually be used.

Feedback From Friends

To help you figure out what you might need to change about your house before you put it on the market, have a trusted friend walk through it with you. Make sure your friend understands the goal you are trying to accomplish – to make your house appeal to the most significant number of potential buyers possible. Then start outside and have them share with you what works – and what doesn’t. Walkthrough each room and ask for their feedback. Remember, this isn’t personal. It’s all about the house. Look at sell my house fast jacksonville website for more information about trusted JaxCashBuyers.

Here are some things that may be easier for them to notice than you, so ask them the questions – and pay close attention to the answers:

  • When you approach my house, do you feel welcomed? If not, why not?
  • As you come in the front door, is there anything that is not appealing to you? Pay particular attention to odors, lightness or darkness, colors – anything that doesn’t say ‘welcome.’
  • Do any of the rooms feel cramped or crowded?
  • Is there anything that feels too personal about the house?
  • Is the lighting good? Even in the evenings, will potential buyers be able to see the rooms clearly and comfortably (without too much or too little light)?
  • Are there any furnishings that draw too much attention? If so, the potential buyers will not be noticing the house (which is for sale) but rather the furnishings (which aren’t).
  • Do each of the rooms feel warm and inviting? Can you picture yourself relaxing, entertaining, enjoying time with family – or doing whatever else is essential in each particular room?
  • Do the kitchens and baths feel clean, up-to-date, and move-in ready?

If the answers to any of these questions indicate one or more of the rooms need a little help, determine what that help might be. Do you need to remove some of the furnishings? Rearrange them? Buy a slipcover or perhaps new bedding? Add a lamp or two? What about an area rug for warmth? Work with your friend on those items that will make the house even more appealing. Be willing to listen to their suggestions and make changes, keeping in mind your goal – to sell the house quickly and for top dollar. And remember, your trusted friend can help you do just that.

By ev3v4hn