Many homes’ exterior beauty is greatly enhanced by the extensive landscaping that has become part of today’s unique home designs. Included in these designs much of the time, are well-thought out and meticulously executed outdoor lighting plans. Included in the lighting design more and more are a series of outdoor string lights that highlight special landscaping features, as well as, unique architectural designs that is past years would have gone unnoticed during the night time hours.

In the past, landscaping was not as valued as it is today. Many homes would have extensive landscaping that was only visible during the daylight hours and the money that was spent would be a total waste once night time fell. Finally, people began to realize that they could get extra value from their landscaping by lighting their property with lighting designed specifically for these features. It was also noted that outdoor lighting provides the additional benefits of added safety and security. With the many outdoor amenities modern day homes provide, more people are hosting outdoor parties during the evening hours. Outdoor lighting allows for these special events to be conducted safely by letting the guests move about the property without fear of falling over some unseen obstacle.

Outdoor string lights also provide excellent accent lighting in the garden, thus allowing you to enjoy its beauty during the evening hours. Gardens provide numerous opportunities to highlight unique features of a property. In addition to strategically placed spot and floodlights around your garden, lighting placed in a water fountain or other water feature can really add a spectacular item for you to enjoy while sitting on your patio and sipping your favorite beverage.

Outdoor lighting has become possible at less cost by utilizing low voltage lighting systems. Many of these systems come in kits that can easily be installed anywhere there is access to and electrical outlet. Even in areas where no electricity is readily at hand, lighting can now be placed there due to the advances in solar powered lighting units. The solar powered outdoor string lights on the market today can easily burn well into the evening if they are adequately charged during the daylight hours.

If you are interested in adding lighting to the exterior of your home, a trip around the neighborhood one evening could provide some valuable insight into what exactly is available. This is also one area where obtaining the services of a professional landscape lighting company could prove to be invaluable. Many of these companies provide complete design and installation services and will have access to lighting features that are not readily available at the retail level. However you choose to carry out an outdoor lighting plan, the proper use of outdoor string lights and other lighting fixtures will surely provide hours of evening enjoyment for many years to come.

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