Welcome to Nova Scotia Canada. From sailing to surfing, hiking to scuba diving this Canadian province has it all. Discover a great diversity of food and local wines found throughout its major cities for all to enjoy, be surprised when you stumble upon little known food establishments that will leave you wanting to return for more.
There are many small coastal communities along the many populated shores of Nova Scotia for tourists to enjoy. From the picturesque beaches for you to Indulge your inner explorer, along with sunset and sunrise the many outdoor adventures available throughout the year. “Not to mention the many look-offs for all to enjoy”.
It is known that NS has over 7,600 km (4,750 mi) of coast line for you to explore, it would take many years for whale watching tour a person to explore all the great beaches found around Nova Scotia. It is also a surprise to many that most of the beaches have a public access for all to enjoy. “There are no private beaches surrounding this province.” If you would like to access any of the beaches just for a simple day in the sun or just for a bit of play it is easy to find more than 100 diverse beaches so most likely you will find one in the area that you are staying in. The general public villas near hoskote is allowed to snorkel or scuba dive anywhere around the coastal waters of N.S., you don’t even need to bring your own gear as there are many dive depot’s found in cities in this province. “Don’t forget to bring a friend or two”
Visit this popular tourist destination to find events such as the tall ships, the Ice Wine Festival, the BUSKERS that return on a yearly basis to thrill visitors from the world over that return year after year to the Halifax water front for a full week of thrills for all ages to enjoy.
For those who are lucky enough to be able to book a DEEP SEA fishing tour, or a whale watching tour, they will quickly find that this small province offers great packages that will challenge the best that is available throughout the world over.
If you haven’t planned your trip to Eastern Canada, please visit today to find what our province is all about. Why not make this year, your year to visit Nova Scotia to take in the many festival and events that take place throughout the year.

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