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Little do you know that bugs are crawling onto your swimming pool, swimming around, having the drink of their life. Yes, that is true! Bugs do go out for a drink and if you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you might consider taking a good look at it – it is not that we do not want them to die from thirst, but it would be great if they find some good place to drink other than your swimming pool not to mention that they will drown and die there.

Are there frequent dead insects in your pool?

Knowing your pool chemistry will help! Proper pH level and enough chlorine solution will keep your swimming pool unattractive to unwelcome guests. Other than the function of disinfection, chlorine also helps maintain your pool clean by keeping out frogs, flies, and insects to live there. Chlorine solution is a helpful way to keep your pool free from bacteria, not livable for flies and mosquitos.

Is your pool surrounded by overgrown grass?

Having a garden and natural look in your swimming pool area is awesome but it comes with consequences and downsides. You might find grass quite attractive, but it requires maintenance compared to flagstone pavers or brick pavers. Elevating your pool deck helps in keeping the pool clean and separating it from the ground where soil and all creatures that live there can crawl easily into it.

Get a clean new look! 

Did you know that old swimming pools are most likely to attract animals and insects? The dark and seemingly worn-out tiles can make your pool look like a pond – perfect for living, at least for animals. Getting a new look and having your pool remodeling Orlando needs will help you get a new clean look. Remember, you can get that natural taste without having insects and other animals to love it and live in it.

Pool repair on the other hand can help in maintaining a clean pool. A pool pump installation avoids water stagnation and keeps it from flowing and going through the water filters consistently.

Try swimming in a saltwater pool

If you find it hard to get a good beach trip, try a saltwater pool. It is almost the same but this time, at the convenience of your home. Conversion to a saltwater pool is possible if you get the right equipment for your pool. Also, having a saltwater swimming pool in your backyard discourages unwanted guests like insects, mosquitoes, and frogs. It is a safe and easy way to keep the bugs out without adding a lot of chemicals into your pool. All you need is a pool pump installation Orlando and a salt-water solution.

Call the experts!

If you find it hard to maintain a healthy and clean pool, you should consider calling Professional Aquatic Services. It will save you lots of time and money than doing everything yourself. Keep the bugs out. Ask the experts and know the basics to maintain your pool safe and clean so your children and friends can enjoy it.

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