Spotted! Home Improvement alum and ’90s heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas was seen for the first time in almost eight years on June 20. The actor was photographed in Los Angeles while he was walking his dogs.

Jonathan, 39, kept it casual with his comfy ensemble as he took his two white dogs out for their daily exercise.

The actor has kept himself out of the limelight in the last few years. He shot to fame with Home Improvement when it premiered in 1991. The ABC sitcom also starred Tim Allen as Johnathan’s character’s dad. Jonathan portrayed the comedian’s middle child, Randy Taylor, for all eight seasons of the show.

After the series ended its run in 1999, the Pennsylvania native had big-screen roles in The Lion King and in Walking Across Egypt. He also had guest starring roles on teen shows such as Smallville, Veronica Mars and 8 Simple Rules. His latest acting role was in Tim’s sitcom, Last Man Standing, in 2015. Jonathan stepped into the director shoes and directed four episodes of the hit series.

Jonathan also has an academic side!  He enrolled in Harvard University to study philosophy and history. He later transferred to St Andrew’s University in Scotland. In 2010, he graduated from the Columbia University School of General Studies.

In 1996, Jonathan opened up about his life as a young Hollywood starlet. “You can’t be trapped in this bubble called the acting industry,” he told Premiere magazine. “The industry is neurotic and weird, and so when I go home and I play basketball with my friends, I’m not Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I’m just Jonathan. I don’t like hanging out with other actors and actresses.”

Three years later, he got candid about leaving Home Improvement and said, “Had I stayed at the show and tried to do academically what I’m doing now, I would’ve, you know, put myself in an early grave.” 

When the cast had a reunion shoot for Entertainment Weekly back in 2011, Jonathan spoke about why he decided to take a break from acting. “I’ve been going to school, and traveling quite a bit, getting to read a lot of books I’ve wanted to for quite some time. I think at this point, I’d eventually like to work behind the camera,” he said. “That’s not to say I would never act again, I’m not quite sure to be honest. I still have a passion for TV and film could see myself working in it.”

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By ev3v4hn