Inferility in women treatment with Vitality

Women fertility has the main purpose – to conceive, bear and give birth to the totally healthy baby. Different factors can affect the woman’s natural power to be the mother, but with the well-developed and qualitative medical treatment, all problems can be overcome.

Vitality Medical and Research Center provides Stem cell therapy known not only in Ukraine, but in the whole world.  

Being a part of ADONIS Medical Group of Companies, we provide the latest technologies and the best care to ensure your well-being and high quality of life quality. 

Stem cell therapy effects 

Stem cells abilities are consist of different  areas of action:

  • ability to generate and differentiate into surrounding cells of tissue
  • ability to fuse with the patients’ cells
  • ability to produce a wide range of paracrine factors (a signal to cause changes in neighboring cells) in order to stimulate the survival and functional recovery of the resident cells
  • ability to regulate the local microenvironment or immune response

The widest range of benefits from the therapeutic effect of Stem cells help us to use this therapy to overcome different diseases and health problems. With the help of the organism power, Stem cells launch the processes of regeneration, revitalization and recovery. 

Stem cell therapy in Reproductology

Vitality Stem cells therapy is widely used for infertility treatment in women.

The first stage of the therapy includes rough diagnosis for women and their partners. Vitality professional specialists develop individual examination plans to get to know the tiniest aspects of the patient’s case history and health.

The second stage includes the Stem cell therapy process with individually adapted treatment plan, proper Stem cell dose and all-round care.

The third stage provides the constant monitoring of the patient even after discharge (for the duration of 1 year). Vitality experienced staff ensures the best support and help in case of your additional questions and problems. 

The main Stem cell therapy in Reproductology results include: 

  • hormone production improvement 
  • endometrial thickening
  • endometrial blood flow improvement
  • ovarian function restore
  • immature oocytes production
  • ovarian size improvement
  • richer signal in the endometrium
  • menstruations resuming

According to the fact that every patient is different and unique, please, pay your attention that Stem cell therapy must be provided only under the monitoring of the most qualified doctors.

Vitality Medical and Research Center is accredited by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. We ensure the licensed and certificated laboratory and equipment, Stem cells and cord blood bank. 

Our staff maintains close relations with Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology, State Institute of Genetic and Regenerative Medicine National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. 

Head of our Laboratory – Dmytro Zubov, PhD is a member of TERMIS — Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society. Our Medical Director Katerina Komisarenko,MD is a member of the International Society for Stem Cell Research.

We work with real professionals of the field you can be confident in. 

Vitality Stem cell therapy – it is the highest quality, infertility in women treatment at affordable cost and the best care. 

Begin the new chapter of your life with Vitality.

Before using the Stem cell therapy Procedure, be sure to consult with your personal doctor to exclude individual contraindications and specificities.

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