The reasons why this AC is not used vary, could be because of the large number of AC devices in the place, or it could be because maybe the cold temperature happened to hit the area, so this AC is not really needed anymore.

Then how or tips for caring for air conditioning that has not been used for a long time? You can call Home Heating & Cooling Kenosha for the best repairing and maintaining AC service.

There are some tips or ways you can do if you have the following rarely used air conditioner:

Clean the AC Periodically

It is recommended that you should not clean the air conditioner after freezing or leaking the air conditioner. Try to at least do this air conditioner cleaning for 3-4 months to prevent leaks and the air conditioner is not cold anymore.

If the Freon from this air conditioner can actually last up to 4-5 years, as long as you clean it often and the AC works well because this kind of electronic equipment needs to do regular cleaning and maintenance.

Enable Briefly

Even though you don’t basically use the room for a long time, it’s a good idea to try to keep it on for at least 30 minutes per week. This is so that later the AC can still work properly when it is turned on for a long time.

Of course, this is to keep the components in it properly maintained and to ensure that the machine can still work normally.

Caring for the Air Conditioner to be Durable

How to use the right air conditioner can extend its life. One of them is the use of the lowest temperature up to 25 degrees, and try not to use a temperature that is too cold for a long time so that later it can also save electricity.

If indeed the air conditioner is not cold, it only produces wind even though it is turned on, then turn it off and don’t be forced to work. If you continue to do this, then over time the AC compressor can be damaged later, this can also be an indication if the AC is not paid attention.

For maintenance, call a technician who can be trusted to clean the air conditioner, and who doesn’t scare you if your Freon AC runs out. This cleaning fee itself varies, depending on the service provider or shop that offers it.

But remember, you don’t think the more expensive the better, because not everything that is expensive provides service satisfaction. For that, looking for information in advance is highly recommended, and you are also important to find out the trust of the AC service provider as well.

Close Meeting Air-Conditioned Room

So that later the use of AC can be maximized and not waste electrical energy in vain, please close the air-conditioned room where you are as close as possible. This is intended to maintain the coolness of the room using this AC.

In addition, you should never use a sprayer to get rid of insects in an air-conditioned room, this is because later your air-conditioned room will smell bad. It would be nice to get rid of insects such as mosquitoes and flies using the electric racket alone.

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