Maintaining a garden doesn’t always mean handling flower pots or spend hours removing bugs. A garden is the first impression! And designing it allows you to be more mindful and treat yourself with a cosy space to relax. Even if your garden is not at the front, it still needs some care. Here are some of the best ideas and suggestions that will leave you with a space that enhances health, happiness and peace!

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Keep Your Garden Low On Maintenance

More mess means more stress! And that saying is not limited to indoors. Simplify your garden and go for the basics only! Some of the best things to do are remove shrubs and trees that don’t seem to offer any ecological benefits. Do good research when you’re selecting hardscaping materials like stones, pavements and gravels. Choose the ones that won’t need cleaning or repairing often. They might be costly but it’s worth it!

Set A Goal For Your Garden

It is good to have a vision, even when it comes to your garden! Look out for great garden setups on the web or check out some interesting garden-based items that could inspire you to create something original. You can also check out videos that offer all the pros and cons of a garden set-up. How about working something out by yourself? You need some nice ideas first! And anything could inspire you for ideas!

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Invest In Furniture That Will Last

Most gardens in 2019 are not restricted to plants! People prefer adding sofa sets, furniture and even small kitchens for open parties. No need of an equipped bar or something. Some benches and outdoor tables will do the thing. But there are so many sets to choose from. We highly recommend that you go for those that will last. Make some research on the type of wood or material you are looking for. Remember, the seasons tend to be harsh on furniture. You might prefer investing in tables that are ready for a storm!

Plants Are Classics! No Garden Without Them

Gardeners continue to find innovative ways to present the greens in their garden. They no longer restrict themselves to flowers in pots carefully laid against the wall. That’s mainstream, right? For 2019, try some of these suggestions; go for larger plants in pots on the floor. Trailing plants would go well on top of shelves, ledges or rock walls. Aromatic or toxin-fighting plants near the seating area will treat your guest with some fresh air for sure! Even gardening comes with science!


As simple as that! Expert gardeners and designers consider water as a great way to break the consistent green and grey designs of gardens. A small fountain or just a corner pond attracts curious guests to see what is in! And that’s where you want to invest a little in fishes or a zen pond with slate rocks and ferns. That might take a while to clean at the end of the month but if you want something nice, that’s the way to go!

Ready to bring a change in your garden?

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