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Rain is a blessing because it keeps us from drought. But during the rainy season, there is one classic problem that often occurs, the roof is leaking.

The causes and sources of these leaks can also vary, one of which is the problem with the roof tiles and holes in the ceiling. If this happens, just call the best roofer such as the chesterfield roofer and while waiting for the roofers to arrive, you can do a number of things to stop leaks so as not to cause more damage.

Check out the following steps.

Hold water

Usually, leaks come from the ceiling of the house, so immediately check that part. If there are wet parts, drops of water are falling, and the rain hasn’t stopped, put a bucket or other container under the leak area. Let the bucket hold the raindrops.

Cover furniture

If water drops fall near the furniture, you must move quickly and immediately move the furniture to a safer place. However, if the size of the furniture is too large and impossible to move, cover all parts of the furniture with plastic. If water is allowed to drip on the furniture, this will cause undesired damage.

Mark the leaked part

After the weather returns sunny, check the interior parts of the house that have changed due to leakage and humidity. Are there any stains or discoloration on the ceiling? Mark the parts that have leaks and changes with chalk.

Look for the origin of the leak

If you are curious about the origin of the roof leak but the craftsman has not arrived, you can go up to the attic or the roof just to find out and mark the sources of the leak. Do it during the day and after the rain-stop. Walk on the roof carefully and bring a flashlight.

Not trying to fix it yourself

Working on the roof is quite difficult and dangerous. It takes confidence and accuracy because this work must be done safely. If you have never repaired a roof leak, avoid trying to fix the roof yourself.

The exact method for repairing a leak will depend on the material and roof construction. So, let the roofers do it.

By ev3v4hn