How to decorate your garden?

In the spring, when the first heat is coming out, it is high time to look after the garden and prepare it for the coming summer. Indeed, the garden is not only a sort of a “bonus” to your home, it is an extension of your cozy nest that deserves just as much attention as the interior parts, and that can bring you a lot of satisfaction. Here are some ideas to decorate your garden perfectly and make it irresistible.

Some tips to know before you start

To decorate your garden correctly, start with these tips from gardeners and outdoor decorators:

  • Prepare the space: draw plans, compartmentalize your garden, do spaces for the vegetable garden, playground, etc. Everything must be well organized in your head in advance. Put it all down in a paper to remember everything.
  • Do not succumb to the accumulation: your garden must remain a friendly and
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