Seattle’s real estate market has been one of the most competitive real estate markets in the US for a while. This has led to a lot of real estate investors pouring their efforts into Seattle properties. And this is a good idea overall, as any investment is almost guaranteed to turn a profit. However, for those who like to approach investments with a more open mind, focusing strictly on Seattle might be bad. After all, there are plenty of opportunities around Seattle as well as the city itself. At the end of the day, there are plenty of people who prefer to live close to the city instead. So, in order to help you with your investments, we put together a list of the best places in Seattle area for real estate investment.

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North Redmond

The city of Redmond holds the title of having one of the strongest real estate markets in Washington, besides Seattle itself. Recent stats show that, compared to last year, property value has grown by 12%. As such, Redmond is one of the best places in Seattle area for real estate investment you can find. More specifically, the North Redmond Neighborhood is considered one of the better choices. The neighborhood is known for being particularly safe and quiet, which makes it attractive to families. Additionally, the neighborhood is home to a couple of particularly popular parks, which makes it even more attractive. And if you’re just getting started as a real estate investor, consider some tips to help you find success. Remember, every bit of advantage you can get is good in the long run, especially when working in an area with a market as competitive as Seattle’s and the surrounding cities.


Bellevue is, by far, one of the most famous Seattle suburbs, and for good reason. The suburb can be found just across Lake Washington from Seattle, and it’s a very popular place. Bellevue is incredibly beautiful and is considered to be one of the most walkable places in Washington. On top of this, Bellevue is a hub for tech jobs, which makes it extremely popular with young professionals. This has led to properties in this area being quite valuable, which in turn caught the attention of real estate investors. Rental properties are a particularly good choice in Bellevue, as they’re almost guaranteed to turn a massive profit. However, when preparing a property in Bellevue for renting or for sale, we recommend having a safe and secure unit rented in the area. Self-storage can be incredibly helpful, especially when you need to renovate a property before selling or renting it out.

Sammamish Plateau

Going back to Redmond, the Sammamish Plateau neighborhood is another excellent spot for real estate investment. The Sammamish Plateau is often considered the most beautiful neighborhood in Redmond. This is thanks to the neighborhood being beautiful overall, and thanks to the several amazing parks in the area. Additionally, the excellent schools and family friendly amenities in the area attract a lot of families to the neighborhood. To top it all off, the neighborhood is incredibly safe, with crimes being practically non-existent in the area. All of this together means that investors can find buyers for their properties incredibly easily in this neighborhood. That said, organization is key for real estate investors in the long run and online property management has proven to be incredibly helpful in that regard. Easy organization is another advantage investors can’t pass up on and, in the long run, keeping everything digital is the best choice.

Capitol Hill

Turning our attention to Seattle itself, Capitol Hill is one of the top choices for rental real estate in the city. This is mostly thanks to the neighborhood being one of the city’s biggest culture hubs. This means that the neighborhood has tons of restaurants, clubs, and tons of other amenities. However, this neighborhood is also one of the most contested parts of the housing market. As such, if you intend to start investing here, you should expect a lot of competition for every bit of property in the neighborhood. So, make sure you’re properly prepared before you try doing business here. And if you rent a storage unit nearby, experts from PortaBox Storage WA note that you should properly prepare every item before storing it. After all, if you’re not careful with how you handle the items you’re storing, they’re going to get damaged over time while in storage.


Staying in Seattle, Westlake is another neighborhood with plenty of opportunities for rental investments. With a mix of amazing amenities and great schools, Westlake is particularly popular with families. However, unlike other neighborhoods which attract families, most people in Westlake rent their homes. As such, this might be the best spot in Seattle overall for rental properties. This, combined with the relatively cheap property costs in the neighborhood, makes this a perfect setup to get started on rental investments in Seattle. However, much like anywhere else in the city, be prepared for a lot of competition for pretty much any property you try to buy. And whether you plan on selling or renting properties, remember to consider real estate marketing in your plans. After all, if people don’t find out about your properties, they won’t buy or rent them. So, remember to put some effort into marketing as well.

Best places in Seattle area for real estate investment – closing thoughts

Seattle is an incredibly good place for all sorts of real estate investments. This is mainly due to the fact that Seattle has one of the most competitive real estate markets in the United States. However, focusing strictly on Seattle can be bad for investors looking to break through in the market. The wider Seattle area has a lot of opportunities as well, and you should consider them if you plan on investing in real estate here. So, keep an open mind and keep a look out for opportunities everywhere. We hope this list of the best places in Seattle area for real estate investment helps you out, and we wish you good luck with your investments.

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