Abbey England are a leather wholesaler who supply British premium materials and tools. They have various manufacturing methods to produce their high quality products, both traditional and new. They have bespoke castings for customers that require something unique or special. A great feature within Abbey England as a business is they have strong communication within their team with their customers, upon receiving the initial design within the design process, Abbey England’s production team is transparent with their assessment for the customer on the viability of the design as they like to ensure they are not wasting customers time or misleading them. If the design is viable and the design has been passed, Abbey England has a friendly team of professionals that work closely with the customer in relation to sizing and specific details before the pattern is made. Once the pattern is made, a sample pattern is cast and sent to the customer for approval. They have a sand casting method which enables them to specialise in smaller castings and on a smaller scale according to customers requirements.  

Abbey England’s production team have a large range of different finishes offered to their customers; they include; nickel, antique, gold, silver and chrome. Abbey England supplies multiple industries with a wide variety of products, for example; rucksacks, handbags, horse harnesses, carriages, satchels, belts and much more. All of which are manufactured with their high quality leather, for example their Sedgwick leather range comes with 14 different colour options, this specific leather uses natural oils and fats during the leather tanning process, giving it a smooth and even finish, a very high quality leather that is easy to maintain. 

Order online on their website today, browse through their extensive range of high quality leather products. Abbey England are a leading leather wholesaler who are really setting the standards high of what it means to supply both locally and internationally from small beginnings. They have built a strong team of professionals and forged integral partnerships to achieve this. They are also the UK’s leading supplier of Biothane. They have a great delivery process for all orders, depending on the location, pricing and delivery time can vary. Get in touch with one of their friendly professionals and relay any requirements you may have today!

By ev3v4hn