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Lighting a house in Denmark is considered an art as Danish people are so involved in illuminating their home in the best possible way. Most people find cheap light fixtures for their bulbs and think they have accomplished the task of decorating their homes in the best possible way. Ignoring the crucial factors of lighting can lead to high energy consumption and poor interior design. Danskeanmeldelser.dk is a Danish website containing a pool of valuable customer reviews and suggestions regarding the best lighting houses and interiors in Denmark. Visit the website to know about the best light fixtures for your interior.

Lampe Guru comes to the rescue when you need elegant light fixtures for your home at affordable rates. Visit the website to gain insight into the best interior lighting now! Here is a guide to the common mistakes Danish people commit for house lighting.

  • Not installing light dimmers

If you haven’t installed dimmers in your home, you have made a mistake! Without dimmers, the light bulbs in your home utilize a lot more innumerable power and emit more brilliant than what is required. Light without dimmers has a short lifespan due to the constant lamination it provides even at night time. Always install dimmer LED bulbs and lamps. Smart LED bulbs can avoid the wastage of energy and light unnecessarily.

  • Choosing a bulb with spurious color temperature

Color temperature is a choice for people. Radiant colored bulbs in the past were used to emit lower color temperatures. Studies revealed that the tone of the light bulb has an impact on a person’s mood and functioning. Most people in Denmark don’t consider the light temperature necessary according to their interior and the darkness of the space they live in. For example, white lights make a room look wider and brighter and warm-toned lights make the room look cozy and darker. 

  • Ignoring the darker corners of the house

Lamination is necessary for the darker space in your home. It can make the house look laminated and artistic. People often ignore this fact, and lighten up the spaces like ceiling and put lamps near sofas that already have sunlight exposure. Not laminating the corners can lead to a cavy-like darker space that makes the design of the house less catchy.

  • Ignoring layered-styled lighting

Layered lighting is an aesthetic factor that most Danish people ignore while lighting up their homes. The aggregate of light layers with aloft lights will provide both functionality and aesthetics. It will allow you to adjust the light to low or medium by turning each layer of light off or on. Seems both crucial and aesthetic right?

  • Using high voltage bulbs

Voltages differ in bulbs and it is wise to select low voltage bulbs to save money and energy. Just like a 60-watt incandescent bulb emits the same light as a 43-watt halogen bulb. LED bulbs emit as low as 7-watt energy. Choosing the correct type of bulbs is a repeated mistake in Danish people’s interior.


Lighting for your house can be a crucial factor for cost and energy saving. Research the ways you can provide an aesthetic sense to your house and decorate it in the best possible way.

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