Month: July 2020

6 Ways to Finance Your Home Improvement Project

If you’ve been staring at the four walls of your home since March, you might feel an itch to finally finish your basement or update your bathroom tiles. As long as you’re at home, you might as well enjoy what you’re looking at, right?

According to a survey by online lender LightStream, 73% of homeowners are planning a home improvement project this year. Nearly two-thirds of homeowners planning renovations will use savings, the survey says. Those who don’t have savings or choose not to spend it will need to weigh their options for financing their renovation projects.

The best way to pay for your project depends on factors like your home equity, credit and goals for the project. Here are six types of home improvement loans and how each works.

1. Cash-out refinance

The economic effects of COVID-19 have driven mortgage rates down sharply, making cash-out refinance a popular recommendation

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Creating The Perfect Patio Setup

7 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Create the Perfect Backyard Setup ...

Patios are the perfect canvas for the ideal outdoor entertaining space. Many of us cannot do much about the space that is available to us, but we can make the most of what our current home comes with. Regardless of size, your patio can become the go-to location for all your relaxation and party activities with the right decor.

For starters, your outdoor entertaining space should not be too far from what you already have going on inside of your home. The design of the patio itself, your outdoor heaters, and patio furniture sets should reflect the overall aesthetic of your indoor living space.

Here are some tips for creating the perfect patio.

Layout Your Space

Optimise your outdoor space by assigning a function for each area. Create one zone around your grill or fire pit while the other can be built around your pool or bathtub if you have … Read More

76% of Homeowners Made Home Improvements During Pandemic

With many consumers spending more time indoors because of the pandemic, some homeowners have used at least a portion of that time to make improvements on their homes.

Porch, a company that connects homeowners and home improvement professionals, surveyed homeowners to gauge whether the coronavirus outbreak has stopped them from moving forward with their home improvement plans. The survey found that not only were most homeowners not deterred by the pandemic, but many have taken action because of it.

A renewed focus on home amid the pandemic

Some earlier studies have suggested that consumers may be putting off plans to buy a new house because of the economic turmoil caused by the pandemic. For current homeowners, though, renovating their homes may be an appealing alternative.

The vast majority of respondents to the Porch survey — 76% — said they have made at least one home improvement since the pandemic started.

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DIY Trend in Home Improvement & Automation to Soar: 5 Picks

The global urban population is expected to swell by around 2.5 billion by 2050. Urban dwellers have shown a significant inclination to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects, in both home improvement and home automation. As the coronavirus pandemic have restricted people mostly indoors, they can now invest more time in DIY projects that drives the market.

Stay-at-Home Propels Home Restructuring

The pandemic has forced people to work from home and many companies have suggested employees to continue working remotely even after the coronavirus outbreak. Hence, many are now converting their unfinished basements into a workspace or working on DIY home-office projects. This includes expanding space to fit in another computer monitor and making a bookshelf that can fit perfectly into the space available.

Additionally, in the past years, the United States has been witnessed rising adoption of luxury real estate and with the rise in population of working women, families now have

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What you need to know before buying the bathroom tiles?

Top 5 Things You Need to Know When Buying Bathroom Tiles

When it comes to the decoration and renovation of the bathrooms, the first thing that you would have to consider is the tiles. The tiles are the most essential and most practical components that are added to the bathroom, these not only add aesthetics and beauty to the bathroom, but they also make your bathroom cleaner and better looking. The bathroom tiling Sydney are made by baking them at very high temperature in the fire, so the chances for these tiles to release any allergens or to do some chemical reactions is null. You can get them in your bathrooms without any trouble and enjoy the perks of a clean and beautiful bathroom as well. 

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Lumber shortages derail home improvement plans during COVID-19

Lumber shortages are derailing some home improvement plans
Lumber shortages are derailing some home improvement plans

The lumber industry has been caught off guard by Canadians’ financial resilience during COVID-19, resulting in shortages that are derailing home improvement plans.

According to data from Statistics Canada, 5.5 million Canadian workers have been affected by shutdowns, either through a drop in employment or COVID-19 related absences. The unemployment rate has gone from 5.6 per cent before the pandemic to 12.3 per cent.

Despite the devastation to the job market, spending on home repairs and renovations fell only 5 per cent in May, compared to January.

“The lumber industry was not expecting this as can be seen by their production,” said Paul Jannke, a principal of Forest Economic Advisors (FEA). “U.S. lumber production was up an average 6 per cent year-over-year per month [from January to March] but dropped 7 per cent year-over-year in April and Canadian production was down 8

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