When it comes to undertaking a major home improvement project, inspiration — or a lack thereof — can often be the hardest part. You may want to update that guest bathroom or kitchen nook but lack a clear vision of the final product. When forming a plan, it’s also vital to keep in mind that function and beauty are two totally separate things.

Home improvement shows can be a great place to start when you’re lacking that final product vision. Seeing how different designers and contractors work with highly varied spaces and budgets may spark an idea or two for a project of your own. Even if you aren’t currently working on a remodel, these shows can keep the creative juices flowing so you’re ready for future projects.

There are dozens of home improvement shows out there on networks like HGTV and PBS, but they aren’t all loved equally. To help you narrow down your viewing options, Sundae manually curated a list of 10 TV shows about home improvement, using data from IMDb. The shows are ranked by the IMDb user rating, with ties broken by IMDb user votes.

Next time you’re lacking inspiration, or just trying to stir up creativity for an upcoming project, watch an episode or two of these series to help hone your vision.

By ev3v4hn